Another blogging attempt…

Over the years I’ve done some blogging here and there around the Internet.  My foray into blogging actually began before there was really such a thing.

Many years ago I started a web page and thought, “Hey, what if I talk about my take on different things in my life?”  No, I didn’t come up with blogging, I’m just saying I started blogging when blogging wasn’t the “cool” thing to do.  In the end it wasn’t something I could keep up and I abandoned it.  I have tried blogging again on and off through the years but it never went anywhere.

I think, maybe, that the reason for that is that I stopped being able to bare the intensely personal side of me that I tended to blog about.  My blogs were VERY much about the internal me and the way I think.  I’m hoping that if I don’t write so much about myself I will carry on with it longer.

You see, I need to do something to get some of the stuff I think about in my life out.  It doesn’t matter if people read what I write, it never has, just that I write it somewhere that isn’t hidden completely away.

Nobody ever said I was sane.

Anyway, to begin with I’m going to write about some things that are the WORST things to get in conversations about.  After that I’ll probably move on to less potentially volitile subjects.  We will all find out together!

Stay tuned for more!


~ by oneandahalfcents on August 31, 2008.

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